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Warranty terms:

1. The seller guarantees that the device shall operate properly for the period of 24 months as of a purchase date, except for equipment rental facilities (12 months). Any defects identified in this period shall be removed free of charge by an authorised service centre listed in a warranty card within 14 business days as of the date of delivering the device to the service centre. The repair period may be prolonged for reasons not attributable to the warrantor, e.g. by a period required to import a spare part from abroad.
2. The party filing a complaint shall organise the shipment of the damaged goods to the service centre at the producer’s expense: by postal service (in case of a product up to 10 kg) or via the Fedex transport company. The party filing the complaint shall deliver the device in original packaging, additionally secured against damage.
If the contested product is sent with the use of another courier service company, the party filing the complaint shall be charged with transport costs.
3. The warranty term shall be extended by a period running as of reporting the device for repair.
4. The warranty repair shall not include any activities that a user is obliged to do on their own in line with a user manual.
5. Any cleaning or calibration of the device shall be performed at the user’s expense according to a pricelist of the given service centre, and it shall not be treated as a warranty service.
6. The warranty shall not cover:
a) any mechanical damage to the device caused by the user or an intermediary delivering the device to the service centre,
b) any damage or defects resulting from:
n use, maintenance or storage of the device either improper or in breach of the user’s manual,
n installation either improper or in breach of the user’s manual,
n use of inappropriate consumables,
n unauthorised repairs performed by the user or other unauthorised parties,
n any modifications or construction changes,
n inadequate protection of the device during shipment,
c) parts subject to normal wear and tear resulting from the use of the device, for instance: nozzles, filters, electrodes, thermocouples, spark plugs, filaments, sealing, etc.
7. The owner undertakes to collect the device within a time limit not exceeding 10 business days after receiving written or verbal notification of the performed repair. Subsequent to the above time limit, a storage fee shall be charged in an amount set by the service centre.
8. The seller warns against any warranty repairs in unauthorised service centres. If such a repair is acknowledged, the warranty shall be no longer applicable.
9. If the device cannot be restored to a condition allowing for its proper use through repair, the buyer shall have the right to receive a new device instead.
10. The warranty card without all required entries is invalid.
11. The submission of this card together with a proof of purchase shall serve as a basis for the exercise of the warranty rights.
12. The warrantor may suspend the warranty repair if the buyer fails to comply with agreed payment terms for the contested product.
13. If the device is returned or sent as part of the warranty procedure at the seller’s expense, the buyer is obliged to mark INSURANCE in a consignment note. Otherwise, the seller shall not be liable for loss or damage of the device.
14. The warranty is valid in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
15. The warranty terms shall apply exclusively between the seller and the buyer.