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Heaters Diesel heaters FARM 145 (144 kW)

FARM 145
Power (heat flow):144,72 kW*
Efficiency:93 %
Fan performance:11000 m3/h
Power supply:400V/50Hz
net price:20,580.00 zł

FARM 145 heaters

  • The unit can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Burner is supplied with snorkel outlet to ensure clean combustion air through connection with external air aspiration duct
  • The new heat exchanger combined with the new high-performance fans allow for heat output of 92 / 93%
  • Combustion chamber inspection glass peephole
  • Thermostat: FAN for fan control; LIMIT: for burner control; OVERHEATING: safety thermostat in case of overheating, with manual reset
    -Panels with reinforcement cross fold to ensure higher rigidity and strength
    -Bearing structure with removable panels for internal washing, even on hanging machines
    -All installation inserts and screws are exclusively metric, not self-tapping
  • Fan:
    -in compliance with directive ERP 2015
    -extremely low-noise fan (noise level less than 69 db at 1 meter)
    - with 7 blades: high performance (air flow and static pressure) for uniform diffusion of warm air
    -through the perforated duct
    -insulation class IP55
    -fan inlet to carry the air and ensure high static pressur
  • Electric switchboard:
    -can be connected to thermostat/humidistat/timer
    -can be connected to a central control unit through wired terminal
  • Each main component (fan, burner, electrical switchboard, thermostats, etc.) is supplied with quick couplings of electrical connections IP68:
    -quick assembly and disassembly and techncial interventions
    -elimination of installation and disassembly errors
  • Sturdy suspension hooks in stainless steel for ceiling installation and support feet in stainless steel for floor installation