Axial Fans / Controller / speed controllers

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Axial Fans Controller speed controllers

Regulator obrotów SPA-12
Supply voltage:230V/50Hz
Maximum continuous load current :12 A
net price:1,096.00 zł

A metal casing protects controllers from mechanical damage. It also functions as a natural heat radiator.

Devices are designed according to IP 66 class which ensures perfect protection from external factors.

As long as the controllers are turned off, a special relay completely cuts off its circuits from the supply network. This relay also eliminates scintillation effects which increases the device’s life.

Regulation is controlled by two arrow buttons on the main control panel. Nine LEDs show the current power setting.The panel has also three control buttons.

Use of a microprocessor system allows for the smooth regulation of the receiver’s power without stepping.

Additionally devices can operate in a special mode that allows the receiver to activate with full power to ensure that the impeller will start rotating in difficult conditions (such as low temperature).