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When the fan is activated, the return flap used in the air intake opens as a result of generated pressure difference and remains in  this position, until  the  fan  is deactivated. The  flap opening force can be adjusted. Air  intakes are additionally equipped with protection metal grille preventing  larger  impurities  from
entering ventilated areas. The air intake housing is made of the ABS material, while the return flap is made of polystyrene.

The MINI air intake is designed for indoor applications to ensure fresh air supply to a sectioned room by means of a mechanical ventilation. Smaller dimensions make  it possible  to save space, when MINI air intakes are mounted in corridors or on partition walls.

Air inlet velocity to the air intake opening should amount to approximately 3 [m/s]. Higher velocities can produce additional noise and higher pressure losses. Using  given  recommended  velocities  and  dimensions  of  air intake entry opening, that is 0,2 x 0,5 [m], a proper and recommended fan output cooperating with the air intake can be selected. The outputs should range from 1100 to 1800 [m//h]. The  required  pressure  difference,  at  which  the  flap  is  fully open, can be adjusted and ranges from 25 to 40 [Pa] (the difference between air atmospheric pressure and pressure below atmospheric in a room). The air intakes are equipped with a sliding front panel for closing the intake (e.g. in winter season).