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Heaters Water heaters NW 40 AGRO (44,9 kW)

Power (heat flow):43 kW*
Fan performance:3700 m3/h
Max. air stream range:22 m
Noise level:51 dB(A)**
Max. fluid temperature:130 ºC
Max. the pressure of the:1,6 MPa
net price:4,500.00 zł

Water heaters


  • The special model of the water heater suitable for operations in spaces of high humidity and dustiness levels.
  • Wider spacing of exchanger lamellae (4 mm) facilitates cleaning with compressed air or water.
  • 40% thicker lamellae, more resistant to deformation during cleaning.
  • Special fans with a motor of increased tightness (IP 66 - moisture, dustiness) controlled by means of any speed controller. Stronger air stream additionally removes dust from the heater .
  • Epoxidized exchanger – considerably increases life of devices operating in aggressive environments.
  • Water discharge closed with a cork when cleaning is finished.

Production and storage halls, shops and warehouses, farming facilities (NW 40AGRO), sports facilities, conference and exhibition halls, glass-houses, woodworking shops, etc.